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Dr. Sara Prygoski

Associate Veterinarian

Although she had always had cats in her family home while growing up, the first time that Dr. Sara Prygoski was solely responsible for a pet came when she adopted her first cat, Tabby, from the local Humane Society. Taking Tabby for routine appointments, scheduling dental cleanings, and facing the anxieties of caring for a sick animal all by herself made a permanent impression on Dr. Prygoski—the bond she formed with her beloved pet made her want to help others through the power of veterinary medicine!

Dr. Prygoski is from Grand Blanc, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to earn her Bachelor’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology in 2009. After graduation, she worked in a freshwater biogeochemistry research lab at the University, traveling to the North Slope of Alaska to perform fieldwork during her tenure there. It didn’t take long for Dr. Prygoski to come to a realization: she would love to combine her love for science, her knack for working with people, and her passion for animal care! That’s when she decided to take the leap into the veterinary field, and signed on at Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

When a classmate of hers mentioned an opening here at Pet Vet Family Pet Care Center, Dr. Prygoski jumped at the chance to join a talented and compassionate team of animal-lovers just like herself. She became a member of the hospital family in June of 2018, and is thrilled to care for the pets and animal owners of Kalamazoo as an Associate Veterinarian. Medically, Dr. Prygoski enjoys dentistry work and animal nutrition, but her favorite part of her job is conversing one-on-one with the area’s pet owners to impart her knowledge of proper animal care.

Outside of her interests in veterinary medicine, Dr. Prygoski likes reading, catching a good movie, camping and hiking in the great outdoors, learning to play the ukulele, and spending time with her family and pets at home. She and her husband, Jeff, have two cats: the aforementioned Tabby who is the unchallenged boss of the house, and a kitten named Church who has learned how to “sit” for treats.