Adorable Holiday Traditions For Cats

Happy Holidays! We love seeing seasonal photos of our furry patients being adorable. As far as we’re concerned, no holiday scene is complete without a purring cat. Actually, our feline pals have some traditions of their own. A Portage, MI vet lists some of Fluffy’s cutest traditions below.

Supervise Cooking

Fluffy will supervise you closely as you prepare those delicious seasonal meals, and may rub against your legs to show her support. If you give your furry assistant a treat, be sure to stick to safe foods, like plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry, without the skin, bones, or fat.

Play With The Tree

You really can’t blame Fluffy for not being able to resist a tree hung with what to her appear to be cat toys. To minimize the chances of your frisky furball toppling the tree, keep most of the decorations on top. You may also want to use fishing line to secure the treetop to the wall or ceiling.

Help With Giftwrapping

Kitties are very grateful for the love and care they get. Fluffy may lend a helping paw as you wrap gifts!

Lap Comfort Checks

Having company? Fluffy may hop from lap to lap, trying to see which one is the most comfortable. Anyone that is allergic to cats gets extra attention, of course.

Sleep On Guest Coats

Your thoughtful pet will want to make sure that everyone has the proper amount of fur on their clothes. If you have guests put their coats on a bed, Fluffy may politely sleep on them.

Sleep Under The Tree

After Fluffy is done playing, she may curl up for a nap beneath it. This makes purrfect sense. After all, kitties are precious gifts!

Steal Chairs

At some point over the next few weeks, someone will get up, only to have Fluffy immediately appropriate their seat. Cats are always looking for warm napping spots!

Play With New Toys

Don’t forget to fill Fluffy’s stockings! Toys, treats, and beds all make great gifts for kitties.

Cuddle With The Humans

One thing we love about cats is the fact that they’re so cuddly. There’s no better way to spend a cold winter night than with a good book or movie and a purring furball!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Pet Vet Family Pet Care Center, your Portage, MI vet clinic. Contact us anytime!

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