Dog Party Day

Did you know that June 21st is Dog Party Day? While any day is a good time to celebrate our canine friends, this is a great time for pet parents to host a puppy party. All you have to do is invite some friends or family members with friendly, well-behaved pooches over for a doggy playdate. Read on as a Portage, MI vet offers tips on throwing your furry buddy a bash that will have the ‘puparazzi’ super excited!

Why Have A Dog Party?

Dogs actually really benefit from spending time with their own kind. After all, our canine companions are pack animals by nature. While Fido may very well think of his human pals as his ‘pack,’ it will still do him good to socialize with other dogs. Puppies will benefit even more. If little Fido is still a baby, socialization should be a top priority right now. Socialization will help him learn to think of new faces, places, and experiences in a positive way. Dog parties are great for this! Have your human guests offer your puppy lots of toys and treats, as well as ear scritches and belly rubs. Your four-legged visitors will teach the little guy the do’s and don’ts of hanging out with other dogs.


Set out lots of yummy treats for your furry visitors. Regular doggy snacks are fine, but you can also make some homemade snacks. (Tip: to make pupsicles, put chew sticks, kibble, or crushed-up dog biscuits in waxed paper cups and pouring sodium-free broth over them. Freeze overnight, and sprinkle with bacon bits for extra tail wags.) Just be sure to only offer pet-safe treats. As for your human guests, this is a great time for a potluck or barbeque!


Provide lots of toys for your furry guests. Dogs can get territorial over playthings, so be sure that you have plenty to go around. If you want to save some money, try making some DIY toys. You’ll find some great ideas and instructions online! A kiddie pool or sprinkler can also get your canine pals’ tails wagging. If you want to go all-out, get a mechanical ball launcher. (Tip: we don’t recommend these for larger dogs, as they can be choking hazards for big pooches.)

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