Canine Influenza Awareness

As recently reported, our area is experiencing wide-spread cases of Canine Influenza.  In an effort to help bring more awareness to our valued clients, here is some additional information you may find helpful.

How do you know if you need to have your dog vaccinated?

• If he or she has not previously been vaccinated for BOTH common strains of the infection.
• If your pet enjoys outdoor playtime, especially with other dogs.  The virus is spread via direct contact with another dog who is infected OR by coming into contact with inanimate objects like grass, shared toys, concrete, or even rocks.  The virus can survive for a short time outside a host.
• If you take your dog to dog parks, boarding kennels, doggie day care centers, or grooming facilities, your pet is at a much higher risk of being exposed.

How do you know if your pet already has Canine Influenza?

• Indications of infection range from a soft, moist cough, reduced appetite, and low-grade fever; to clinical signs of pneumonia, a high fever, and increased respiratory rates.

What if you suspect your pet has been exposed?

• Pet Vet Family Pet Care Center will evaluate your pet and recommend a course of treatment commensurate with his or her level of discomfort.
• Such treatments include medication such as an antibiotic and/or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory; fluid therapy for dehydration; and in more severe cases, hospitalization may be necessary.

What you can do to proactively protect your pet?

• Call us today at (269) 382-6200 and schedule an appointment to have your pet seen and vaccinated.
• Pet Vet Family Pet Care Center now requires pets to be vaccinated for both strains prior to any boarding or grooming appointment.  We want to help you keep your pet and our pet community at-large, healthy and protected.

So whether your pet enjoys outdoor romps, you are planning a trip away this summer, or would just like to have your pet pampered, please consider this crucial step well ahead of time to ensure your pet is protected.

Give us a call today at (269) 382-6200 to set an appointment and have the peace of mind knowing your pet is protected from Canine Influenza.

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