Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! While any month is a good time to adopt a shelter cat—or any cat, for that matter—this is really a purrfect time to get a new kitty. A Portage, MI vet discusses adopting shelter cats below.

The Plight of Shelter Cats

Kitties often end up in shelters through no fault of their own. Some are former pets that were lost or abandoned. Others have been rescued from bad situations, or turned in by their owners. Although their individual histories vary, shelter cats all have one thing in common. They all need loving homes!

Why Adopt A Shelter Cat Month?

June is a challenging time of year for shelters. That’s because it’s kitten season, and many shelters are overflowing with adorable baby cats. That sounds like a cute problem to have, but the annual influx of kittens actually puts a huge strain on shelter resources. This may unfortunately result in many sweet, adoptable cats being euthanized.

Benefits of Adopting A Shelter Cat

There are many reasons to adopt Fluffy from a shelter, rather than buying from a breeder or pet store. For one thing, you’ll be giving a new kitty a second chance at happiness. You’re also promoting good animal welfare. The space your feline pal vacates will soon be filled by another adorable cat in need. Plus, Fluffy’s adoption fees will help the shelter care for their other furry wards. You may also save yourself some money, as shelters are very affordable. Last but not least, adopting a shelter cat can be a very rewarding experience. It feels great to know you’ve helped an animal in need!

Finding Fluffy

It isn’t always easy to pick a new pet, especially when you must pick one cat from a multitude of adorable furry faces. Spend time with Fluffy before finalizing the paperwork. Adopting a kitty is a lifetime commitment, so it’s important to know that you’ve made the right choice.

Other Ways To Help Shelter Cats

If this isn’t the right time for you to become a pet parent, consider helping shelter cats in other ways. Donating time or money is one option. You could also consider volunteering, or even fostering. Even sharing posts on social media can help!

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