5 Ways to Trick Your Cat Into Behaving

Cats are adorable, but they can also be quite mischievous, and more than a little opinionated. They are also notorious for doing what they want, when they want to. It isn’t always easy teaching these little furballs good manners. However, there are ways to improve Fluffy’s petiquette. Here, a Portage, MI vet offers tips for pet parents on getting kitties to behave.

Tire Her Out

Does Fluffy wake you up in the middle of the night by jumping on your toes or batting her squeaky toy around? Spend time playing with her every night. This will good for her, both mentally and physically. Plus, it will help her burn off any excess energy she has, leaving her a bit tired. We all know what happens when cats get tired: naptime!

Make The Counter Unappealing

One bad habit many kitties have is jumping on counters. Try putting tin foil down on your countertops. Fluffy hates the sound and feeling of aluminum foil! And, while this may be a bit inconvenient for you, you may not to leave it up long before your furball decides the countertop isn’t that much fun after all.

Block Her Scratching Spots

If your kitty is using your sofa as a nail care station, you’re not alone. This is a common complaint among people owned by cats! Put a plant or end table there, so Fluffy can’t reach her chosen spot. At the same time, make her scratching post more attractive by setting catnip and toys around it.

Make A Commotion

Cats hate loud noises. (This makes purrfect sense, as they do spend the majority of their time sleeping.) Therefore, making a racket can help your kitty form a bad association with unwanted behavior, without hurting her. When you see Fluffy doing something she shouldn’t, clap your hands, stomp your foot, or bang two pots together. Your pet will probably hightail it out of the area at top kitty speed.

Offer Suitable Kitty Comforts

If Fluffy has plenty of things to entertain herself with, she will be less likely to go looking for mischief. Offer your cat lots of fun toys and comfy beds, and set out some pet-safe plants for her. A window view will also help.

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