Fluffy’s Thanksgiving Agenda

Thanksgiving is coming up fast! As you start making preparations for the autumn holiday, your feline friend may also be making some plans. As it turns out, Fluffy has a few holiday traditions of her own. A local Portage, MI vet discusses Fluffy’s holiday schedule below.


Holiday or not, Fluffy will still stick to her strict napping schedule. (Note: if you have guests and your visitors put their coats on a spare bed, you may very well find your furball sleeping on someone’s jacket. You may want to close the door in that room.)

Steal Chairs

Cats are always on the lookout for warm, cozy napping spots. If someone gets up from their seat, your feline buddy may immediately hop into the empty chair and curl up for yet another nap.

Find The Allergic Guest

Kitties seem to have an unspoken rule that dictates they always have to greet people who are allergic to cats. If your guests have allergies, take a few steps to make them comfortable. Vacuum and dust thoroughly, and change your air filters. Use a rubber dish glove, damp sponge, or squeegee to remove pet fur from your furniture and upholstery. For a thoughtful touch, put out some tissues, and stock up on OTC allergy meds. Brushing Fluffy isn’t a bad idea either. The more fur you get with a brush, the less you’ll find stuck to your furniture and clothing!

Enjoy A Special Treat

Your kitty will definitely appreciate a special treat! Activate the purr by offering your furry buddy a yummy snack. Fluffy can have some canned tuna or chicken in water; a bowl of sodium-free beef or chicken broth; cat milk; or store-bought treats. Your furball can also have some of that delicious turkey. Just be sure to only give her plain, cooked meat. Remove the skin, bones, and fat first.

Cuddles and Purrs

At the end of the day, many people will relax and settle in with a good movie and some leftovers. Fluffy may very well hop into your lap for some quality cuddle time. This is a great way to wind down the holiday. After all, a purring cat is truly something to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Pet Vet Family Pet Care Center, your Portage, MI vet clinic. Please call us for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs.

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