5 Benefits of Grooming Your Dog

Grooming your dog is the easiest way to have them look their absolute best. Did you know that it also offers much more? Grooming has many benefits, both for your dog and you! Learn more here from a Portage, MI vet.

Skin and Fur Health

Of course, grooming is important for your canine companion’s skin and fur health. Brushing your dog smooths out tangles, prevents mats, and gets rid of grime hiding underneath the fur. Bathing your dog occasionally—always using a canine-formulated shampoo!—is a great way to keep the entire coat clean and fresh, and it also keeps your dog smelling their best. Just make sure you don’t overdo bathing, as bathing too much can dry out the skin.

Reduced Shedding

Since brushing spreads essential skin oils throughout the coat, it moisturizes your dog’s fur naturally and prevents shedding at the outset. Brushing also traps loose and dead fur in the brush itself, meaning that less hair winds up on your carpets, furniture, and clothing. If you want to reduce the amount of dog fur around your home, try brushing your dog on a daily basis!

Controlling Allergies

If you or a member of your family suffers from allergies to pet hair and/or dander, grooming your dog regularly is an important component of proper allergy management. Grooming helps to reduce the amount of pet hair and dander found around your home, and a specialized pet shampoo can also help allergy sufferers by controlling dander.


Don’t forget that grooming your pet regularly is a great way to keep your home clean! Brushing means that you’re removing a lot of the loose hair that would otherwise wind up on your furniture and floors, and bathing keeps your dog smelling his best so as not to leave remnant odors around your living space. What’s not to love?

Bonding With Fido

Here’s an added benefit of grooming sessions with your canine companion that you probably hadn’t thought of: it doubles as great bonding time between pet and owner. Spending time together on a daily basis, for grooming purposes or otherwise, strengthens the bond you have with your dog. Don’t underestimate that relationship—it’s a special one!

Want to have your dog professionally groomed? Have questions about your dog’s grooming routine? Schedule an appointment at Pet Vet Family Pet Care Center’s grooming salon. Your Portage, MI vet clinic is here to help!

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