Socializing a Puppy

Has a puppy recently joined your household? Congratulations! You are definitely in for some adorable moments with your furry new friend. That first year is a crucial time in little Fido’s life, however. As a new pet parent, you’ll have quite a bit of work to do. One thing that is very important is socialization. Here, a Portage, MI vet discusses puppy socialization.

What Is Socialization?

As the name suggests, socialization is the process of getting your puppy used to socializing, both with people and with other dogs. You’ll want to expose the little guy to a variety of friendly people and polite dogs. Interacting with other pooches will help your pet learn how to act around his own kind, while meeting lots of people will help him grow up to be friendly and trusting. This is very important, because without proper socializing your furry pal will be much more likely to develop behavioral issues, including aggression.

Time Frame

There is a very short window for socialization. Once your four-legged buddy reaches about 12 weeks, that window starts to close. By then, Fido will have formed some opinions about the world, and may already be wary of strange places and faces.

How To Socialize

Socializing little Fido can be both fun and adorable! One option is to invite over some friends that have polite, well-behaved dogs. Have a potluck or barbeque for your guests, and set out toys and treats for Fido’s buddies. It’s also good to have people just stop by to pet and play with your canine companion, and offer him ear scritches and yummy snacks. Even just taking your adorable pal for a walk can be helpful. Many people just can’t resist stopping to pet a puppy!


When working on socializing your dog, keep an eye out for indications that your canine pal is becoming uncomfortable. You don’t want to go overboard! If little Fido feels overwhelmed, the socialization process could backfire. If your furry friend trembles, licks his lip, or presses against you, it’s a sign that he’s feeling uneasy. Take him home and try again another day.


Puppygarten or doggy daycare can also help with socializing little Fido. Ask your vet or a professional dog behaviorist for more information.

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