Why Your Cat Has Shunned Her Litterbox?

Has your cat seemingly given up on her litterbox? It’s not uncommon for cats to develop an aversion to the bathroom—about one in 10 cats will experience something like this in their lifetime! Below, your Portage, MI vet offers insight into why this may happen and what you can do about it.

Box Cleanliness

One of the leading reasons that cats don’t like to use the litterbox is because of cleanliness. Much like you, your cat doesn’t relish doing her business in a dirty bathroom! Make sure you’re cleaning your cat’s box regularly, and you’ll likely avoid this type of issue. Scoop out your cat’s litterbox on a daily basis, and change the litter entirely about once a week or so. These steps will ensure that things remain completely fresh.

Box Location

Did you know that cats can be picky about where their box is located? As a general rule, place the litterbox in a quiet, out-of-the-way place where your cat won’t be disturbed while using it. Our feline friends like to do their business in peace! Also, place the litterbox a safe distance away from Fluffy’s food and water dishes. Like you, your pet doesn’t prefer to use the bathroom close to her dining area.

Negative Conditioning

If your cat had a bad experience with a litterbox while she was younger—perhaps she was startled while in the middle of using the box as a kitten—she may associate bad feelings with the box now. A negative conditioning scenario like this may require the help of a professional animal trainer or animal behaviorist to correct. Call your veterinarian today for help if you think this may be the case with your feline friend.

Medical Concerns

A variety of medical issues, including injury, infection, and illness, could be to blame for your cat’s aversion to the litterbox. That’s why it’s a good idea to schedule a veterinary checkup for your cat when she’s exhibiting signs of a litterbox aversion. You’ll want to have any medical problems ruled out before moving on to other solutions. If you’re worried that a health problem could be the root cause of your cat’s litterbox issues, call the office today to make an appointment.

Do you have questions about your cat’s healthcare or behavior? We are here to help with all of your most important pet-care needs. Contact your Portage, MI vet clinic today!

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