Dental Care Tips for Dogs

Dental problems are quite common amongst our canine companions. In fact, nearly half of all dogs will experience a dental health issue at one point or another! Use these tips from a Portage, MI veterinarian to keep Fido’s teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime.


Pick up a canine-formulated toothpaste, as well as a toothbrush made specifically for dogs, at your local pet supply shop. Begin by massaging your dog’s teeth and gums with your finger, allowing him to get used to the brushing sensation. Slowly introduce the paste—eventually, you’ll be able to use the brush to clean all of your dog’s outer tooth surfaces, where plaque accumulates most heavily.

Dental Chews

Try giving your dog treats made specifically to bolster dental health. Dental chew treats are great for giving the teeth and gums a workout, and they help to scrape away loose plaque from your dog’s teeth. These treats also help to improve your dog’s breath! Ask your vet to recommend a great choice for your canine companion.

Chew Toys

Chew toys provide your dog with more than just hours of great fun. They also help work the teeth and gums on a daily basis, and they get rid of plaque before it can harden into dangerous tartar and start causing serious trouble. Make sure that your pooch has a rotating selection of fun chew toys to play with every day—your dog will thank you!

Fresh Water

One of the easiest ways to keep your dog’s mouth clean and healthy is by providing plenty of cool, fresh water for your pooch to drink at all times. Not only is this important for keeping Fido properly hydrated, it’s a great way to flush out the mouth and get rid of leftover food particles, loose plaque, and other grime.

Pro Cleanings

There’s simply no substitute for professional dental cleanings at your veterinarian’s office. The dental prophylaxis procedure, as it’s officially known, will get at nooks and crannies in your dog’s teeth and gum line that brushing cannot. By removing plaque and tartar, your dog’s whole mouth will be healthier, and it will stay that way for longer!

Is your dog in need of a professional dental cleaning? Do you have more questions about ways you can improve your companion’s oral health at home? Schedule an appointment today at your Portage, MI vet clinic. We’re always here to help!

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