Cute Facts About Cats

Kitties certainly are full of adorable quirks and mannerisms. From Fluffy’s box obsession to her lovable purrs to her charismatic meows, our feline friends certainly do keep us chuckling. Actually, cats have some very interesting and unique characteristics. Here, a local Kalamazoo, MI vet lists some cute facts about cats.

Paws For Thought

Did you know that cats can be right-pawed or left-pawed? Just like people, kitties tend to favor one paw over the other. Female cats are often right-pawed, while males are usually lefties. If you don’t know which one your furball is, watch Fluffy closely the next time she decides to knock something off your table. Another cute fact about cat paws? If you look at your feline buddy’s paw pads upside down, you may notice that they actually look like little teddy bears. Who knew?


We all know that cats purr when they are feeling content. But turning that little engine on isn’t the only way kitties show their human ‘parents’ affection. Some of Fluffy’s more adorable declarations of love include rolling over and allowing you to pet her belly, blinking at you, biting you gently, following you around, and, of course, sleeping on top of you.

Now, The Meow

Would it surprise you to learn that Fluffy may have started meowing specifically so that she could boss us around? Adult kitties rarely communicate with one another through vocalizations. (Amorous cats do sometimes sing badly to attract mates, but that’s another topic.) Generally, cats ‘speak’ to each other through body language, facial expressions, and tail positions. So why do our furry pals like giving us an earful? More than likely, this is because our feline overlords figured out long ago that meowing and looking adorable are very effective ways to get us to feed and pamper them.

Louder, Clowder

Did you know that there’s actually a name for a group of cats? The official term for a kitty ‘herd’ would be a clowder. How cute!

Tail Tales

You may know that Fluffy often swishes her tail when she is feeling annoyed or frisky. However, did you know that only pet cats walk with their tails up? Stray kitties usually let their tails droop. This may be Fluffy’s way of proclaiming she’s ‘taken.’

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